Desikamani G, Founder & CEO

Mani, graduated as a metallurgist from National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. Having worked closely with different metals and their compositions, it was only natural for him to transition into identifying human compositions, and hence becoming a trainer was a natural progression.

With more than a decade of experience in organizations like Widia, Advani Oerlikon, Carborundum Universal & NIS Sparta, to name a few, Mani also consults at School of Inspired Leadership- Gurgaon & Great Lakes Institute- Chennai.

Mani too, like many others in this country, was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and thus was born, Mentor Learning.

He has had the privilege of transforming thousands of individuals through his training skills in leadership and behaviour management and has helped optimize human capital within organizations.

He is a specialist in helping organizations create a Vision for themselves, build Strategic Design thinking among senior leaders and one to one Executive Coaching.

Mani lives with his wife Sumithra, and two daughters Sumedha & Shreemayi in Chennai.

An authentic Chennai-ite at heart, Mani’s driving ideology- “Every Individual Like Every Precious Metal, is in Every Way Unique”.