logo story

Our Identity

At Mentor, we’re passionate about what we do – shaping minds and engineering human behaviour. Our work is designed to impact across the entire spectrum of an organization, from the frontline to the top brass to tap into endless possibilities that lie within each person.

Mentor’s essence reflects a world built on collaboration, mentoring, and a dynamic exchange of ideas between facilitators and learners. It’s an environment designed for personal growth, where individuals thrive and, in turn, help businesses succeed.

Welcome to Mentor – where the focus is on practical impact, not just lofty ideals.

Design Ideology


The Colour Orange represents Energy, Vitality, Cheer, Excitement, Adventure, and Warmth, while Blue symbolises Trust and Dependability.  These colours together represent qualities that foster a growth mindset and enable success.


The Circle represents continuous learning and transformation that necessarily requires shared and supportive environments within organisations.  It also emphasizes the fact that in collaboration we thrive!
The lower-case lettering m represents the humility that continuous learning brings with it and reminds us that there is so much more to learn!