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Established in 2004, Mentor Learning is a Chennai-based Learning & Development Solutions company catering to clients in India and globally. 

Since its inception, Mentor has expanded its offerings, providing value-based continuous learning modules to corporate clients across various sectors. With a clientele of over 200 satisfied organizations and more than 100,000 learners benefiting from our proprietary programs, Mentor aims to transform workplace behaviours to enable people to achieve their potential.

We attribute our success to a growing ecosystem of experts specialized in learning design, content development, and service delivery, enabling us to consistently deliver exceptional value. At Mentor, we invite you to explore Human Transformation with our team of experienced learning professionals, many of whom have held leadership roles in renowned corporations. With nearly 100 man-years of combined experience, our management team possesses a competitive edge in understanding the evolving dynamics of the Learning and Development landscape.

Through our in-house mode of Result Oriented Learning Engineering (R.O.L.E), we enable our clients to view L & D as an investment that yields measurable results, rather than just a budget to spend.  This approach sets us apart from other learning organizations and helps our clients achieve tangible results.

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