why us


At Mentor, we believe in having our skin in the game. Conventional training programs are history. Organizations require a growth-focused learning service partner who is accountable for results.

Our concept of learning is not just knowledge transfer, but enabling consistent application of new skills as behaviours at work place; leading to measurable impact for the learner and the organization.

Here’s what we believe makes Mentor tick:

  1. Aligning learning with business outcomes, training is more than just plain vanilla motivation talk, it needs to enable skilling of employees leading to a positive impact on business results
  2. Contextualised content delivery models, designed using a Multi Stimuli Learning Experience and enabling us to measure efficacy of learning programs seamlessly
  3. Innovative learning methodologies & technologies, make the learning process interactive as well as ensure ease of operations and reporting
  4. Learning ownership, the learning methodology helps transfer ownership of learning to the employee
  5. Tangible RoLI (Return on Learning Investments), you get to see the impact of your training budget spend (actually, Investment)
  6. We live by our commitment to our clients, “give us your people, we’ll transform your business