Small cogs but Prime movers of productivity!

Small cogs but Prime movers of productivity!

Listening to music seems like a lost habit! As I began working today, spontaneously I put on some music, Ilayaraja’s melodies and with a bang recognized how soothing & elevating music can be. Not just music, but there are quite a few things that I have seen boost my productivity. I resolve to do the following more frequently and regularly…

  1. Listen to as much music of various genres
  2. Speak to friends, casual conversations
  3. Smile & talk to staff, spouse & kids
  4. Write something each day, get active on my blog
  5. Play, exercise
  6. Listen to kids, play with them, create stuff along with them
  7. Dream…
  8. Teach something for free!
  9. Enjoy chores like cleaning

I don’t care what comes of it, but all the items above can provide instant enjoyment, elevation and let the neuropeptides take over my productivity!



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