ProSus Diagnostics

ProSus Diagnostics – Using a 9-Dimension, 78 – Parameter Model to Assess organizational readiness for Profitability & Sustainability and make recommendations for improvement in Process, Culture & Capability.

Role Task Competency Analysis

Role Task Competency Analysis – Building PMS aligned Job Descriptions with the complete involvement of managers and Creating a database usable for Hiring, Learning Need Analysis, Performance Reviews & Role Clarity Conversations.

iMentor Talent Alignment

iMentor Talent Alignment – Uses Psychometric Tools to help organizations assess & align its people with the roles they perform in Attitude & Behaviour Orientation dimensions.

Re-Engineering Learning & Development Function

Re-Engineering Learning & Development Function – Mapping of Existing Process, Structure & Practices in L&D, Analysis in comparison with Global Bench Marks & Recommendations for changes in Process, Structure & Practices