Mentor’s LifeSkills for Students Programs aim to provide flexible, cost effective & measurable Learning solutions for Students & Schools, to solve challenges in their life Skills and enable their holistic development.

LifeSkills for Students is an intensive & engaging learning experience that gives the students an opportunity to master the challenging complexities of navigating the real world and grooms them for their future in the work place.

LifeSkills for Students program has evolved from Mentor’s research on ‘traits of Successful Employees’ while training over 100000+ employees over the last two decades resulting in what we identify as Six Critical LifeSkills.

LifeSkills for Students program is delivered In-School by Mentor facilitators. This involves 36 Hours of Interactive Learning for Kids done over 24 weekly 90-Minute sessions with a highly Interactive Methodology that includes Games, Movies, Drills, Skits & plays, Roleplays and Projects.

It uses Personality and Multiple Intelligence Assessments and offers 3 Hours of counselling for parents to help them understand their kids better based on the Reports from the assessments

LifeSkills for Students Program focuses on helping the child (7 – 18 years) to – Improve Self Awareness, Express ideas & Communicate with confidence, engage with others joyfully & work with collaboration, solving problems and take initiatives fearlessly, plan her effort with diligence and attempt to succeed in her goals, manage expectations of themselves & others.

In short, readiness for the future for your kids at a HUGE value for the money invested. Click here to see the range of learning areas available. If you don’t find what you want, talk to us… we’ll design it for you!

Click here to download the Life Skills for Students Brochure