Mentor’s LifeSkills for Students Programs are designed to deliver flexible, cost-effective, and measurable learning solutions for students and schools, addressing challenges in life skills and fostering holistic development.

LifeSkills for Students offers an intensive and engaging learning experience, empowering students to master the complexities of the real world and preparing them for future success in the workplace.

Derived from Mentor’s extensive research on the ‘Traits of Successful Employees,’ cultivated through training over 100,000+ employees in the last two decades, the program focuses on Six Critical Life Skills.

This program is conducted in-school by Mentor facilitators and spans 36 hours of interactive learning for students, distributed over 24 weekly 90-minute sessions. The highly interactive methodology includes games, movies, drills, skits, roleplays, and projects.

Utilizing Personality and Multiple Intelligence Assessments, the program also provides 3 hours of counselling for parents, aiding them in better understanding their children based on assessment reports.

LifeSkills for Students Program aims to help children (ages 7–18) to:

  • Improve self-awareness
  • Express ideas and communicate with confidence
  • Engage with others joyfully and collaborate effectively
  • Solve problems and take initiatives fearlessly
  • Plan efforts with diligence and strive for goal achievement
  • Manage expectations of themselves and others

For more details, download the LifeSkills for Students Brochure here. Empower your child’s growth and development with Mentor’s comprehensive LifeSkills program!