Mentor’s Self Development Products deliver flexible, cost-effective, and measurable learning solutions for individuals, addressing capability and behavior-related challenges and fostering personal growth across three key areas:

  • Multi-Stimuli Learning Programs and Certifications:
    • Open programs for individuals (employees, students, professionals), available in classroom settings or through webinars.
    • Result in certifications from Mentor or esteemed business schools.
  • Self-Development Product Suite:
    • Operates like an over-the-counter solution for swiftly addressing workplace challenges.
    • Navigate through a simple process: Select the Problem ➔ Take an Assessment ➔ Receive a Report ➔ Go through an e-Learn/Video ➔ Receive Virtual Coaching to resolve problems efficiently.
  • Executive Coaching for Managers & Leaders:
    • Tailored for those seeking personalized attention and customized insights for career growth and challenges.
    • Offered in-person or virtually, providing meaningful transformation with flexibility.

These attractively priced offerings effectively address the lead times in organizations for providing timely learning support to managers and leaders.

Backed by our Multi-Stimuli Learning Design and delivered through our proprietary Learning Management System, the entire learning process from enrolment to certification is seamlessly managed with minimal effort from client organisations.  

For more details, download the Mentor Brochure here. Elevate your learning experience and empower your personal and professional growth with Mentor!