Mentor’s Self Development Products Provide flexible, cost effective & measurable Learning solutions for Individuals, to solve Capability & Behaviour related challenges and enable their personal growth and spans three areas…

Multi Stimuli Learning Programs resulting in Certifications from Mentor or a B School, offered as open programs for Individuals (Employees, Students, Professionals) – In class room or through Webinars

Self-Development Product Suite that operates like an Over-The-Counter Drug for solving workplace challenges quickly. These consist of Select the Problem à Take an Assessment à Receive a Report  à Go through an e-Learn à Get some Virtual Coaching and eventually help resolve problems.

Executive Coaching for Managers & Leaders who want personal attention and customized inputs to deal with career growth & challenges offered in person or virtually and delivers meaningful transformation, flexibly!

These offerings effectively help plug the long lead times before organizations manage to offer learning support to managers & leaders. It helps that these are bite sized and affordable for individuals.

Supported by our own Learning Management System and the iMentor Mobile App learning through multiple stimuli leading to certifications can be managed seamlessly with minimum effort involved from organizations…

In short, measurable effectiveness at a HUGE value for the money invested. Click here to see the range of learning areas available. If you don’t find what you want, talk to us… we’ll design it for you!

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